Kloofing Magalies

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Kloofing Magaliesberg

Join us for a day of fun and excitement as we walk up the mountain slopes and then scramble down into a pristine gorge and follow it down stream.

We meet at the parking area at 08h30 and complete final administration and kit issue before starting the walk up the slopes of the mountain, which takes about an hour – then the uphill is over!

We scramble down a gully into the 60m deep gorge (that’s more than 15 stories!) and follow the river down the gorge, walking, rock hopping, wading, swimming, jumping and abseiling along the way to make our way to the exit point. Along the way we’ll stop for a lunch break (normally quite early) and with a bit of luck we’re back at the cars around 15h30 – in time for a leisurely drive back home.

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Why Experience Harties Kloofing

Kloofing is known in other parts of the world as ‘canyoning’ or ‘canyoneering’.
Kloofing is more technical than hiking and often involves rock hopping, scrambling, wading, swimming, jumping into water and abseiling
Magaliesberg kloofing doesn’t involve the long swims that kloofing in the Southern and Western Cape involves
Magaliesberg kloofing in summer is warm enough that a wetsuit isn’t mandatory
– Only since the early 2000’s has kloofing (canyoning / canyoneering) begun to be recognised as a separate mountaineering discipline

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