Rock Climbing Hartbeespoort

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Rock Climbing at Harties

Here’s a real challenge! We found a rock climb which has everything you need: it is well within the ability of most people of average fitness but at the same time offers a sense of real adventure.

Once we have kitted up we walk down a gully to the base of the cliffs and a guide will lead the first half of the climb, stopping at a large ledge where he will create an anchor. Each person then climbs the route to the guide and is clipped in to the anchor for safety. When everyone is at the anchor then the guide will climb the second half of the route to the top and will again establish an anchor to bring everyone up.

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Why Experience Harties Rock Climbing?

– The rock climb at Hartbeespoort Cableway has a name: “Shongololo”
– The Harties Cableway rock climb is 60m high
– The type of rock at the Harties Cableway rock climb is quartzite – a very hard type of rock which is great for climbing.
– Even though you are climbing the rock there is a rope to catch you if you fall off.

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